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The UNIWRAP design concept.


Can we wrap that up for you?

  • Saving valuable time: the fastest transfer platform and fastest wrapper on the market
  • Controlled from the terminal (COMMUNICATOR II in the cab, or CLAAS MEDIUM TERMINAL II direct on the wrapper)

Wrapping at its best.

The UNIWRAP uses two 750-mm wrapping arms to wrap six layers of film tightly around the bale, with 52% overlap, in just 23 seconds for 400 series machines, and 35 seconds in the 300 series. The wrapper is always finished before the baler, so that the ROLLANT can be operated at full capacity in spite of the addition of the wrapper. The film is pre-tensioned to 67% as standard, and to 82% as an option, and firmly glued around the bale under that tension. Using the 82% pre-stretching option lowers your film consumption, makes the film supply go further, and reduces your handling costs.

Transferring the load.

The UNIWRAP baler/wrapper combination is a compact unit allowing for the rapid and reliable transfer of the bale. The bale transfer takes just 12 seconds for the 400 series, and 15 seconds for the 300 series, from the moment the tailgate opens until it closes again. Laterally mounted plates centre the bale accurately, even on sloping terrain. The transfer platform then raises the bale safely onto the wrapping table, which is tilted towards the baling chamber, and it is guided along by an array of large rollers.

Twisting the bale.

With the bale twister, the wrapped bales can be placed on their left-hand end during discharging. This is to minimise the damage from hard stubble, since the top and bottom faces generally have the thickest film cover. For transport, the bale twister is simply raised hydraulically, which means the overall length of the UNIWRAP does not change when on the road.