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Global rollout of new CLAAS certification programme for used agricultural machines purchased from dealers

As well as being a world-leading manufacturer of agricultural machines, CLAAS is also a highly successful operator in the international market for pre-owned machines. 

The FIRST CLAAS USED concept, including the online portal, was rolled out at Agritechnica 2015. As the next step in the process, a used machine certification programme with the participation of CLAAS distributors is now being rolled out globally. This will give farmers and contractors an even bigger and better range of used agricultural machines bearing the CLAAS quality promise.

The new FIRST CLAAS USED pre-owned machine certification programme

There are now a total of four levels in the new certification programme: BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM, for the combine harvester, forage harvester and tractor product groups.
The key benefit for customers and participating distributors is the greater worldwide comparability of the machines available, thanks to the application of objective standards based on the proven CLAAS post-harvest check procedure. 


BRONZE used machine is the entry class in the FIRST CLAAS USED certification programme. This certification level can be issued for machines of any age, as long they are in good technical condition.


FIRST CLAAS USED SILVER can be issued for machines of any brand that are not more than five years old. The appraisal is based on a standardised CLAAS checklist, and also indicates the spare parts and maintenance measures that will be required. 


FIRST CLAAS USED GOLD certified machines, like SILVER machines, are not more than five years old, and are tested with a standardised checklist similar to the proven CLAAS post-harvest check carried out on combine harvesters and forage harvesters. The point of difference is that GOLD machines are already maintained and repaired prior to sale. 


FIRST CLAAS USED PLATINUM machines offer maximum operational reliability. These young CLAAS pre-owned machines, operated for no more than three years, have to meet the rigorous performance criteria in the PLATINUM checklist. All maintenance, repair and service measures have been carried out by a CLAAS used machine centre, and the machines carry a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. PLATINUM machines are sold to the customer via a CLAAS distributor. provides a one-stop up-to-date view of the ever-wider range of used machines available from the international CLAAS network. All listings on the online portal provide comprehensive information on the machine, including operating hours, maintenance work done, inspections and visual appearance. And now the standardised certification process according to proven CLAAS checklists enables the various machines available to be compared much more easily and effectively than before. 
The portal is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. A further benefit for FIRST CLAAS USED users is the simple process for closing the deal. A customer interested in a particular machine listed on the portal simply contacts their local CLAAS dealership, which will then contact the party offering the machine and handle all the transport logistics and invoicing arrangements. This even applies for purchases made from abroad.

The new FIRST CLAAS USED certification programme and online portal enable CLAAS and its distributors all around the world to offer an even bigger and better range of CLAAS used agricultural machines.

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